Business Intelligence

Gather and deliver insights with an intuitive dashboard across your organization.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Improve current and future management outputs, outcomes and impacts.

Social Media

Monitor and analyze your organization's performance as well as the latest trends and discussions on social media.

Web analytics

Track the performance of your website with a powerful web analytics platform.


Get ready for action: set milestones, track progress and predict outcomes.

Data governance

Create your data governance framework and define the control over data assets for each stakeholder.

Yes, our experts are also at your service!

Our services

We help you to achieve your goals and outputs, to make sense of all your data, and to focus on impactful decisions by separating the signal from the noise.


We help you to define your data management strategy and to provide a holistic approach to collecting, managing and storing data.

Trainings & Workshops

We offer trainings and workshops for all stakeholders to identify data within your organizations, but also to highlight the benefits of data management strategies.

Full suite

We offer a full range of data tools that are ready to be deployed within your organization.

Customized solutions

All tools offer extensive solutions and options for customizations.